Delivery Policy:

The delivery timescales presented here do not apply to orders which require additional security checks. If a security check is required at your end, it will usually follow that we will need you to provide additional information; despatch will not occur until this information is received.

Amazo Shop is unable to provide compensation for late deliveries. Compensation will not be provided for consequential losses (e.g., time is taken off work or if the item is a gift and you purchase the same item from a more expensive retailer).

If for any reason, your order is returned to us (e.g., incorrect address), then Amazo Shop will inform you immediately via email when the item is received. You will be given a choice as to whether the item is sent out again, or a refund is processed. Please note, for items that are undelivered through fault of the customer (e.g., incorrect address), Amazo Shop reserves the right to deduct our outward shipping fees from the refund total.

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